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Retirement Relocation: How to Find Your Ideal Destination

While relocation may bring a buzz of excitement to your planning, it can also generate some big questions. The biggest may be how you choose the right place to become your new home. Some retirees know exactly where they want to move, but for many others it’s a bit of an open-ended question. Also, if […]

Divorce After 50: How to Protect Your Retirement

Are you facing a divorce late in life? According to new research, you’re not alone. The Pew Research Center recently found that divorce rates for people age 50 and older have doubled since 1990. Divorce rates among those over age 65 have tripled during that same period.1 There are a variety of reasons why couples […]

Fall Events

Hal Hammond, of Sarasota, Florida, president of Hammond Asset Management, plans to host multiple retirement income planning events regarding a wide range of topics. “It’s important that we discuss and provide numerous educational materials for people to learn and discover,” Hammond says, “This way, people can make educated decisions about their retirement plans and understand […]

15 Ways Blockchain Has Changed In The Past 30 Days

Original article: 15 Ways Blockchain Has Changed In The Past 30 Days Blockchain has captivated the interest of consumers across the globe. But blockchain has changed. Business owners struggle to first learn what it is and then determine how they can use it to their own benefit. Successful professionals realize the importance of staying informed on the […]

Plan Ahead for Your 2015 Charitable Gifts

At the end of every year, people often scramble to wrap up their charitable giving by Dec. 31. A little planning throughout the year can go a long way to avoid the last-minute rush. Make 2015 the year you get ahead of your charitable contributions. It can be more effective for you and those who […]

Giving in the Workplace

Charities have learned that working with corporations can enhance their receipts and reduce their costs. This is not to say corporations are large contributors. The Annual Report on Philanthropy from Giving USA 2013 shows corporations are the smallest charitable contributors at 6% of total receipts. However, employers that will partner with a charity to provide […]