Leading Visionaries in the World and Why More Like Them Are Needed!

While on one hand, the net worth of several individuals is growing on a tremendous pace, the number of less fortunate ones is appalling! The gap between haves and have not’s has been growing at an alarming rate year after year. While some individuals could enjoy most luxuries owing to sheer luck or owing to their stern efforts over a long period of time, others are simply dependent on aid from the former. Here is an account of the leading visionaries in the world!

Warren Buffet: Warren Buffet is considered to be the greatest investor and the biggest philanthropist in the world. He is constantly among the richest individuals in the world and a legendary donor as well! His net worth is $66.1 billion, which makes him the fourth richest in the entire world. He has pledged 99 percent of his total wealth for charity.

He was quoted by the Forbes magazine in 2010 as saying, “My luck was accentuated by my living in a market system that sometimes produces distorted results, though overall it serves our country well… I’ve worked in an economy that rewards someone who saves the lives of others on a battlefield with a medal, rewards a great teacher with thank-you notes from parents, but rewards those who can detect the mispricing of securities with sums reaching into the billions. In short, fate’s distribution of long straws is wildly capricious.”

Bill Gates: Bill Gates, the legendary co-founder of Microsoft, is among the biggest donors in the world. He, along with his wife, set up the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, which is essentially the biggest charity organization in the world. The total assets of the foundation are valued at $38 billion and the organization has given billions of dollars worth aid all over the globe to a plethora of organizations, including the Rotary Foundation and others.

Niraj Goel: Niraj Goel, the seemingly new entrant on the list has plans for equally great contributions for the society. The Singapore based investor has recently launched ‘The Singapore Innovation League’ for helping entrepreneurs to fulfill their own dreams! The total corpus for the project is worth around SGD 1.5 billion and it is aimed at helping 500 technology companies in the country.

Besides the league, Goel has also set up multiple foundations to help the needy, which include Healthcare Foundation Trust and Senior Citizens Foundation Trust. Goel is among the richest in Singapore and India. A number of other similar ventures are being planned by the NRI entrepreneur for the future.

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