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Think Twice Before Making These Big-Ticket Retirement Purchases

While seemingly small lifestyle changes, like eating out less often, can have a big financial impact, it’s often ill-advised large purchases that can do the most damage. By simply avoiding these large-scale cash outlays, you may be able to significantly reduce your risk of running out of money in retirement. Are you one of the […]

Fall Events

Hal Hammond, of Sarasota, Florida, president of Hammond Asset Management, plans to host multiple retirement income planning events regarding a wide range of topics. “It’s important that we discuss and provide numerous educational materials for people to learn and discover,” Hammond says, “This way, people can make educated decisions about their retirement plans and understand […]

Should You Get Term or Permanent Life Insurance?

Not all life insurance is the same, though. There are different types of policies available, and each is designed to meet different needs and objectives. Many of these policies fall into two broad categories: term and permanent. Any good financial plan has to be built on a base of sound financial protection against serious risks. […]